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e-Velyn Laurito

March 20, 2009
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evieEvelyn Laurito: The technology expert

The first time I met her was in 2006 when we had the face to face session of the eLearning and Development workshop. She looked quiet and smart. But the first time she approached me, it was to ask permission that she will miss one session because she will be attending her daughter’s college graduation . WHOA. Perhaps she got married very early??? 🙂

anyway, Evie is a professor at the University of Santo Tomas and most of the time you will find her tinkering on different programs — Indeed a technology expert.


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Cyprus — the Land of Aphrodite

March 19, 2009
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larnaca_town_hall2 Larnaca is where the international airport of Cyprus is located. Prior to the Turkish occupation of Nicosia (the capital), this town was quiet with many tourists visiting the place.

Now, the place is very busy….

front_larnaca_town_hall2Infront of the City Hall is the meditterenean sea. Can you imagine working at the city hall then going to the beach for a swim during lunch break? awesome…

boarder_turkish_occupied_territory Nicosia — the last divided capital. This is where people cross the boarder to enter the Turkish side of Nicosia. You have to line up, show your passport and they will issue a small paper to you. On the other side, you will see a lot of Turkish goodies such as Baclava, pistaschios, Halumi cheese, etc. I also bought fresh figs. I am a fan of fig jam and the fresh ones are absolutely yummy. I brought some of them to the Philippines..


Wait a minute… Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. In Cyprus, “Philipino” products are on sale. There are many pinoys working in Cyprus and during Sunday, you see them everywhere. I took the bus from Larnaca to Nicosia and there were about 10 passengers; 5 of which are Filipinos… Amazing..

Most of the Filipinos work as domestic helpers or in construction (airport) and resorts. Most of them live together in apartments in order to pay cheaper. In one apartment, there could be as much as 23 tenants who share the rent of 400 euros per month. Indeed, we really have to consider all the hardwork of our kababayans. Mabuhay kayo!

mediterrenean_sea_ayia_napa Finally, this is the view from my window at Ayia Napa. The mediterrenean sea is breathtakingly beautiful to look at and I had to take a dip as well… The sand may not be as fine as boracay, but hey, not everyone has the opportunity to swim and play in the mediterrenean waters….

eTutoring for Public Administration: 2005

March 19, 2009
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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Public Administration Tutor…A Challenge

Public Administration eLearning Community: The Challenge (eLDI 2005)

The offer was very challenging. Not only because I will be tutoring for the eLDI 2005 batch but I was tasked to be the Public Administration Tutor for a group of 11 participants who are all working in the public sector. There were about 20 participants from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The public administration participants came from Sri Lanka, Namibia, Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Surprisingly, Byambayar (Mongolia) and Sekano (Cambodia) also graduated from the University of Potsdam.

The first face- to- face workshop was in Mannheim, Germany. Maggy and I were both excited to see each other again, at the same time, we were there to facilitate the workshop and also serve as online tutors. The workshop as very tiring (for me, at least!) I think I didn’t even have to time to get around Mannheim. In the presentation of projects, the public admin group selected their own topics to develop. Some opted to make their own projects while the three Vietnamese decided to work on just one project.

The Online Phase: A Test for Public Servants

The set up of the tutoring was like this: There was one umbrella tutor (Julia) and a Public Admin tutor (me) to monitor the assignments of the group. For every module, was a separate chat for the public admin group, and a separate forum for all public admin concerns. During the first module, everything was doing fine. I have invited Dr. Thomas Gebhardt of the MPM Program of the University of Potsdam to join the chat.

Then some participants got busy. We tried to follow-up on participants who have not showed up in the chats and submitted their checklists. In the end, we were informed that two participants were just to busy (they were occupying key positions in govt) in order to cope with the course. One participant was dropped because of the non-attendance in any of the activities. One realization: its really hard to involve high level ranking officials in the eLDI course!

The second face-to-face workshop in Cairo was very challenging. We had a one by one consultation with the participants. It was interesting to find the courses in Vietnamese and Mongolian.

A report was eventually submitted to InWent. I have mentioned the challenges and I guess for now, the PA elearning center is not feasible.

eLearning Implementation and Development 2004

March 19, 2009
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The eLDI Training: Where it all started.

The eLDI Training (April – November 2004)

I got my first initiation with elearning when I attended the eLearning Development and Implementation (eLDI) under the auspices of InWent, Capacity Building International Germany through Common Sense elearning and Training, Austria.

The first face-to-face five-day workshop was held in Bonn, Germany. We learned how to use word, excel, powerpoint and internet. We had fun doing all these things. The participants came from asia and africa. This is where we were introduced to GC21.

After the workshop, we proceeded with the online course. I found the course very interesting, although there were challenging times, especially when I was busy with work. My eLDI project was a eLearning Course on Public Policy Development, Analysis and Implementation. I have chosen this course because there were demands from our Center to conduct this course. However, one agency was too busy, while the other was located in the distant island of Palawan. Hence, I though that creating an elearning course would be a better alternative. We have used Pinboards, chats and forums to communicate with each other. When we were losing some of our colleagues, we tried to us YM in order to monitor each other. The checklists were sometimes tricky and tedious to accomplish. But in the end, the rewards came with the good feedback coming from the tutors.

The second face-to-face workshop has brought us all mixed emotions. It was held in a small city in Indonesia, called Semarang. We were all excited because we will be meeting our colleagues which we have not seen for eight months. At the same time, we knew that we had lots of things to accomplish. The program lasted for ten days and it was a very hectic schedule but very fruitful. All the participants just sat down and worked on our own websites. In the end, we all felt fulfilled because we all knew that we have given our bests in the workshop.

Blogging and privacy

March 19, 2009
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at first glance, choosing a category for blogs is so easy…. the question is: I might end up with several categories but with only one entry each.. hmmm.. indeed it is a challenge.  Not to mention that it means revealing a lot about myself…my activities, sports and other passions….am I ready for it?

On second thought, it will also give me time to reflect on all the activities that I am doing — from UPOU, eLearning activities; yoga class; meditation session; anecdotes and jokes from friends all over the world; travel adventures, etc.  sounds interesting..

I looked at my previous entries in my blogsite and I realized th I had very limited entries with the last one published on May 2007….whew… it keeps me wondering what have I been doing in the past two years…

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Learning how to blog!!!

March 19, 2009
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Finding for the right domain seems to be a challenge. Should it be .com; .org; .ph???

The participants seem to be intently listening to the speaker — Abe. He is giving us a lot of tips on how to create an interesting domain.

Second, I am not sure how long will I be able to maintain this site. I checked on my blog site 15 minutes ago and my last entry was on May 2007.

And finally, malay niyo, sisikat din ako.:)

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Hello world!

March 19, 2009
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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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